About our company

The story goes like this. We love art, fashion, food and good wine. We love holidays, happenings, parties and anniversaries. We love road trips, sleepless nights, jeans and grandpa white t-shits. This is our list.


LISTE is an extension of our fashion consciousness. Our way of discovering what we really like to put on our fashion-today list, what drives us to select whatever you see in here. Oh, it also looks cool & it's super easy for you to become a part of this.

Our followers -listers- are hunters of today, passionate and know what they want, living with an authentic and independent lifestyle. This is you and we thank you!


LISTE offers a selection of streetwear, contemporary, active and sportswear segments focusing on quality, comfortness and sophistication.

Explore our progressive shopping hub where global brands and famous collection exclusives meet local designers, vintage specials, young talents and lifestyle products. Don't forget, a list must contain more than one item to be considered an actual list.


We commit to provide all visitors a relaxed environment in our store or in our easy-to-navigate shop.

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